Meet Our Team Leaders

Dustin Ingle

Dustin's professional trajectory encompasses a range of roles, from combat veteran to successful service business owner and entrepreneur. Notably, he contributed to the growth of home service brands during his tenure as a Franchise Development Director at BELFOR Franchise Group. As CEO of Insulation Commandos, he leverages his diverse background to lead the franchise with strategic vision and operational excellence

Brock Adams
Brand President

Brock, the Brand President at Insulation Commandos, is a seasoned expert in training, mentoring, coaching, and operational optimization. With a history of successfully managing top sales teams at TruGreen and also managing a multi-unit retail operation with AT&T spanning multiple states, Brock's exceptional work ethic and operational insight are unparalleled. His dedication to enhancing sales processes and fostering growth underscores his pivotal role in Insulation Commandos' journey towards excellence.

Todd Morelli
Chief Development Officer

Todd serves as the Chief Development Officer at Insulation Commandos, bringing with him an impressive background as an army infantry officer with over two decades of experience. His exceptional journey includes time as a professor at West Point, where he imparted his knowledge in modern warfare strategy and tactics to cadets. Todd's expertise lies in crafting intricate systems and processes, elevating the quality of projects under his purview. With a diverse background that includes legal expertise as an attorney, Todd's multifaceted skill set contributes significantly to the franchise's growth. His combat veteran status further exemplifies his commitment to excellence and leadership.

Mike Molloy
Chief Sales Officer

Mike, is our Chief Sales Officer at Insulation Commandos. With over a decade in the home service sector, Mike has built and operated multiple 7 and 8 figure businesses in HVAC, Insulation, and Solar. His expertise spans home service operations and sales. His leadership is instrumental in driving our franchise to new heights of excellence

Dan Antonelli
Chief Creative Officer

Dan Antonelli is our Chief Creative Officer and also the President and Chief Creative Officer of KickCharge Creative, an award-winning New Jersey-based branding agency that specializes in helping home service businesses redefine themselves and stand out with disruptive brands. Dan is a nationally recognized speaker and expert on home service branding, with several books on branding to his credit, including Building a Big Small Business Brand and his new Amazon best-selling book, Branded Not Branded: KickCharge Your Home Service Brand. During more than 25 years running his own agency, Dan’s marketing expertise has been featured on MSNBC and in industry magazines including Entrepreneur, SignCraft, HVACR Business, Plumbing & Mechanical, and Contracting Business, among many others. His signature wrap style that integrates disruptive branding has served as a model for superior home service fleet branding throughout the world. With more than 2,000 home service brands under his belt, Dan and his team have overseen the branding of more home service businesses than any other brand agency in the world.